I Can Has Cheezburger King Offers to Buy Reddit After Spat with Owners over Marijuana Legalization Ads

Reddit has been making the news quite a bit lately, but for the oddest reasons. And the latest is no exception, just as the site is sparring with its corporate overlords over marijuana legalization ads, Ben Huh of I can Haz Cheezburger fame, is making a public offer to buy the site.

"I have made this offer privately to a few people associated with Reddit, and I’ll say it publicly now: I believe that Reddit is one of the best communities I have seen on the Internet," Huh wrote on his blog and on one of his sites The Daily What.

"I also believe that Reddit would benefit from more resources and less corporate interference. We can offer all of the above. And we’d love to buy Reddit and all those pesky troublesome users that we love so much," he added.

This isn't the first time the entrepreneur has tried to buy the site. Previously, he has been flat out refused, so he's taking a more open approach this time.

It's anyone's guess if the offer will come to anything, but Reddit could do a lot worse than the Cheezburger Network. In fact, it's not doing too great under Conde Nast.

Very recently, the site had to resort to what amounted to donations to keep it afloat. Users were asked to sign up for 'subscriptions' that didn't really offer any advantage on the site, for now.

Since Reddit has a great community, it managed to raise the money it needed, but this is clearly not how things should happen for a 'subsidiary' of a large corporation.

Very recently, Reddit was again at odds with the people at top. Conde Nast asked the site to stop running ads for groups supporting California's Proposition 19, which supports the legalization of marijuana.

The corporation said it does not want to bring in revenue from this group, so Reddit decided to run the ads anyway, free of charge. It's this that prompted Ben Huh to make his public offer.

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