Hyundai Readies to Roll Out Mass-Produced Fuel Cell Cars

The first ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle stepped off the production lines yesterday

By the looks of it, Hyundai intends to take advantage of the fact that ever more people are looking into the possibility of embracing a greener life style by purchasing a vehicle whose ecological footprint has been reduced to a minimum.

Hence the company's deciding to take steps towards rolling out the world's first mass-produced fuel cell cars.

These eco-friendly vehicles are set to run on hydrogen, and the only chemical compound that they will be releasing into the environment when driven up and down highways is going to be water vapors.

As spokespersons for Hyundai explain, these water vapors will be the direct result of the car's using hydrogen to produce electricity.

Business Green informs us that, this past February 26, the company's Ulsan plant witnessed the first ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle's stepping off the production lines.

According to the same source, this car is basically a hydrogen-powered version of the Tucson SUV, which has already become quite popular amongst drivers.

“With the ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle, Hyundai is leading the way into the zero-emissions future,” commented with respect to this initiative Kim Eok Jo, currently working as vice chairman for Hyundai.

“The ix35 Fuel Cell is the most eco-friendly vehicle in the auto industry and proves that hydrogen fuel cell technology in daily driving is no longer a dream,” Kim Eok Jo went on to argue.

The mechanical engineers and the scientists who worked on piecing together the first ix35 Fuel Cell vehicle maintain that, under normal circumstances, the car will be able to travel over a distance of 370 miles (595.45 kilometers) without its owner having to stop and refuel.

Should things go as planned, a total of 1,000 such cars will be made available to companies and public organizations by 2015 at the latest.

The company expects that soon after rolling out these 1,000 vehicles, they will be able to make the car available to the general public.

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