Husky Knows Its Way Around a Horn, Helps Rescue Animals Trapped in a Truck

This hero dog alerted the police by honking the horn of a vehicle it was trapped in

Police officers in London, Ontario have recently rescued several animals that had been trapped inside a truck without any food or water for almost a week. They were helped by a hero Husky that saw fit to honk the vehicle's horn and thus sounded the alarm.

Apparently, this dog was muzzled and pretty much starving, yet this did not stop it from getting its act together and lending a helping paw to the two huskies and the two cats that were trapped in the truck with it.

Sources report that the animals' owners had to leave their home following their receiving an eviction order, and that despite efforts to locate the three dogs and the two cats that were living with them, the trail went cold soon enough.

Had it not been for this Husky's honking the horn, the animals would have probably died in this truck, which was abandoned by said people in an open-air parking lot.

The couple who decided to move and leave their animals behind are to be charged with animal cruelty and made to pay for their actions.

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