Husband Finds Out His Wife Uses a Dating Site, Pours Manure on Her Car

A man feels cheated by his wife as she creates an online dating account, gets revenge

Revenge videos are always awesome, and the more extreme they are, the more enjoyable they become. In this case, a man finds the profile his wife created on a dating website.

“Becky James” had apparently acknowledged the fact that she is married, in her description of herself. Unfortunately, she also insults her husband in her entry.

She dubs him crazy and not particularly bright. Becky then declares her two loves in life, that of her horses and her passion for her car.

To prove that he is, in fact, smart and emotionally stable, her husband takes a tractor and showers her Porsche with manure, reminding us all that revenge is a dish better served stinky.

Do you think he acted appropriately? Leave me your take on the video in the comment section.

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