Hurst Officer Is Suspended as Outburst Goes Viral

The policeman knees a teenager, curses at him and taunts him after the arrest

A teenager is interviewed following an incident in which a police officer subdued his friend, 17-year-old Andrew Rodriguez.

The clip of Officer Disraeli Arnold' outburst has gone viral, and you can watch the original recording here, but be advised as it contains violence and offensive language.

Another officer had subdued the young boy, when he found out he had an outstanding warrant in his name, for trespassing. He had made him lay on his knees, on the ground, before Arnold arrived at the scene.

“Move and die,” Arnold says, as “Andrew's head pops against the floor,” according to witness testimony. As you see them wrestle, the boy being held complains about the policeman kneeing him in the back of the head.

Rodriguez was jailed for resisting arrest, following the incident. In the video, Arnold states his name and ID number, right after cursing repeatedly, as if he was proud of taunting him.

According to Dallas News, Arnold was suspended and his actions are currently being investigated.

It seems to me he had no need of physically assaulting Rodriguez, as he was already down, and it didn't appear he was trying to escape. In light of the fact that his warrant was for trespassing on school property after hours, the teenager is not exactly a hard-nosed criminal.

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