Huntington Beach Riot Prompts Eight Arrests After Surfing US Open

The mob vandalized newsstands, stores, and vehicles

A riot broke out in the seaside city of Huntington Beach in Orange County, California after the results of a surfing competition came in.

According to LA Weekly, eight people have been arrested after the eight-day Surfing US Open contest came to an end.

Brawls and vandalism broke out on Sunday night, on the final day of the Vans Open of Surfing. As the events came to an end at 5 p.m., a mob formed on the streets.

The disturbance was reported on Main Street and Pacific Coast Highway at 7:16 p.m., with people damaging stores and trying to tip over porta-potties. Some jumped on cars and vandalized newsstands and street signs.

“We're extremely disappointed and saddened by the disturbance that occurred up on Main St after the close of the US Open of Surfing.

“We work tirelessly with City staff, police, fire and other agencies to ensure a safe environment for all. We appreciate the quick response of HBPD and are awaiting further information,” ASP World Tour reps stated.

When police arrived, some of the rioters threw bottles at the officers. No serious injuries have been reported at this point.

“HBPD requested mutual aid from other agencies to help disburse the crowd. The area was declared an unlawful assembly and officers have moved in to deal with the crowd and make arrests. The police now have control of the downtown area and the disturbance quelled,” a police department statement reads.

Rioters were arrested over refusing to stand back and follow the officers' orders. They have been detained and booked into county jail.

“The Huntington Beach Police Department restored order at approximately 9:00 PM. 8 arrests were made for failure to disperse and those suspects were booked at the city jail.

“Damage included damage to city vehicles, portable toilets, newspaper racks, broken windows and street signs. Loss of property is still being determined. No injuries were reported,” the HBPD informs.

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