Hunter Pays $45,000 (€33,000) for Permission to Kill Just One Sheep

The Desert Bighorn sheep this man wants to hunt is listed as an endangered species

Jim Craig, a hunter from Indiana, has recently paid a whopping $45,000 (€33,000) in exchange for his being allowed to kill just one Desert Bighorn sheep.

Apparently, this man is a hunting enthusiast, and sees his killing said sheep, which lives in California and which presently finds itself on the endangered species list, as a major achievement.

As as result of their being endangered, Desert Bighorn sheep cannot be hunted unless one gets a special permit from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Daily Mail explains.

In order to get his hands on this permit, Jim Craig attended an auction held during the Safari Club International Convention in Reno, and did his best to outbid others who showed equal interest in obtaining said permit.

The same source informs us that the official hunting season is to debut this coming November 2, and end on February 2, 2014.

Thanks to the permit he has just obtained from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Jim Craig can spend this period of time hunting on Kelso Peak and the Old Dad Mountains.

Just for the record, this is the third year in a row when Jim Craig agrees to spend a considerable amount of money on such a hunting permit. Interestingly enough, this man also donates money to sheep-conservation projects.

In all fairness, this money is to be invested in various conservation projects, which is why many agree that, all things considered, killing just one sheep in order to save the life of many others seems like a reasonable enough thing to do.

For those unaware, Desert Bighorn sheep used to inhabit the regions of North America by the thousands (there were about one and a half millions of them, to be more precise), yet overhunting and the destruction of their natural habitat caused their population to plummet to a mere 70,000.

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