Hunter King Got Michael Muhney Fired from “Young and the Restless”

New report says she asked for his immediate dismissal or she’d press charges

New details have emerged in the shocking dismissal of Michael Muhney from “The Young and the Restless,” where he starred as Adam Newman since 2009. After word got out that he was fired for harassing co-star Hunter King, a new report claims that she specifically asked that he be fired.

Muhney broke the news of his dismissal on his Twitter last month but, as fans must know, he didn’t say why he was let go. A report clarified that over the weekend, saying network bosses and producers had enough of his bad behavior on set when King complained that he had fondled her breasts on at least 2 occasions.

While Muhney remains silent on the allegations, fresh details suggest that King specifically asked that Muhney be fired, Radar Online writes, citing sources within the production.

“Hunter went to the top brass at CBS and Sony and accused Michael of grabbing her breasts on two separate occasions. Hunter demanded Michael be fired or else she would file a police report against him,” says an insider.

“Michael had clashed in the past with writers on the show and one of his co-stars, Eric Braeden. The decision was made to let him go. However, Hunter was told by producers, if she believed a crime had been committed, she should pursue appropriate action, regardless of their decision,” adds the same source.

And here’s where the plot thickens because, as of this day, King is yet to file the police report, says the same media outlet. It would seem that she was more than satisfied to have Muhney fired, considering it punishment enough for his constant harassing and unsolicited advances.

While Muhney is probably explaining the situation to his wife and their 3 kids, and fans are still outraged that CBS plans to just replace him as Adam, things aren’t any happier on set, notes the same report.

“Things are expected to be very, very tense. The cast is absolutely divided over Michael’s firing. Cast members, Sharon Case and Melissa Claire Eagan, are disgusted by the move and are making it known. Both ladies played Michael’s character’s love interests and they have legions of fans. While they can’t publicly discuss the details of the firing, there is no doubt where their allegiances are,” the source says.

“The Young and the Restless” cast went back to shooting yesterday, after the Christmas and New Year’s break.

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