“Hunger Games”-Inspired Reality Show in the Works at CW

Upcoming “The Hunt” doesn’t have a premiere date yet

It was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of turning “The Hunger Games” into a reality show, only without – you know – the actual killing. CW is now hammering away at a project called “The Hunt,” it has emerged.

Part “The Hunger Games” and part “Survivor,” the new series, called “The Hunt,” pits two-member teams against each other for an entire month, EW reports.

They will be dropped in the wilderness without food, water or shelter.

They must rely solely on their skills and survival instinct to make it to the finals and, of course, capture the other contestants to have them ousted from the competition.

At least they won’t be killing each other as they do in the original novels and the film.

A premiere date for “The Hunt” has not been announced yet.

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