Hungarian Sculptor Casts Steve Jobs in Bronze

3D software makers commemorate Jobs for his support of their fledgeling firm

A Hungarian software company has contracted one of the nation’s talented sculptors to craft a 7-foot-tall statue of the late Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs.

The statue, commemorating the former Apple CEO, will be unveiled on Dec. 21, according to major news agencies in the country.

The tribute is not only in recognition of his leadership and vision, but also a sign of appreciation for Jobs' support of the firm whose ArchiCAD 3D design software caught Jobs’ eye in 1984.

"Steve Jobs was very much convinced about the technology and he offered financial and also marketing support for the company," said Akos Pfemeter, Graphisoft's director of global marketing. "We received some financial support and Steve Jobs helped us distribute our products in the Apple distribution network."

But it was actually Gabor Bojar, the firm’s founder, who had met Jobs at an information technology trade show in Germany where he used an Apple Lisa computer to demo ArchiCAD.

In recognition for his support, they enlisted the help of Hungarian sculptor Erno Toth to create a statue that depicts Jobs with all his key characteristics - a mock turtleneck, jeans and sneakers, round glasses and well-trimmed stubble.

Toth decided that the best posture to depict the visionary was one of his iconic product presentations - one arm outstretched, the other holding a remote control.

While putting the finishing touches on the statue at the Leonardo Gold foundry in southern Budapest, Toth remarked: "Jobs said that the hand is very important in a presentation and the hand is the intermediary energy between man and computer."

"I liked his personality, and at the same time his temperament and movements were inspiring," added Toth.

"His designs are also very attractive, so his memorial plaque will be in the shape of the iPad," Toth said. He quoted Jobs, saying "The only way to do great work is to love what you do."

The statue is nearly 7-feet-tall (or about 2-meters high) and weighs no less than 485 pounds (220 kilos). It will be placed in Graphisoft Park, a complex home to several high-tech businesses in Budapest.

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