Humans Will Turn Into Hobbits As Climate Change Progresses

The global lack of food is listed as the main drive behind this transformation

According to a new report pieced together by an international team made up of 30 researchers, climate change and global warming will eventually force people to start looking less like humans, and more like hobbits.

The working principles behind this theory are fairly easy to comprehend: as several other studies have shown, an increase in global average temperatures and in the yearly number of extreme weather manifestations is likely to significantly impact on agricultural practices worldwide.

In other words, the amounts of food the human race will have at its disposal in the years to come will be anything but enough to feed the global population.

Therefore, humans will have to choose between starvation and cutting down on their foods demands, sources explain.

As Dr. Phillip Jardine, a researcher working with the University of Birmingham puts it, “Even if future climate change isn't a convincing enough argument to decrease carbon emissions, increasing atmospheric CO2 concentrations has a very real possibility of reducing the viability of our own food supplies, by compromising the base of the food chain for ourselves and the animals that we farm and eat.”

“If we acknowledge the presence of increasing temperatures then we have an additional factor that we would expect to decrease further the size of our farmed animals, and thus the amount of food that we can take from them,” Dr. Phillip Jardine went on to add.

The specialists who looked into this issue argue that, all things considered, the human race will opt for adapting and that dwarfism is the best option on the table.

Interestingly enough, their claims are based on several archaeological finds.

Thus, fossils unearthed in various parts of the world show that a similar increase in global average temperatures, which occurred roughly 55 million years ago, caused several animal species to “shrink” as means of adapting to the limited resources they had at their disposal.

Just for the record, a study published only two months ago argued that average world temperatures might go up by as much as 6 degrees Celsius by the end of this century, so the human race has very little time at its disposal to begin its transformation into hobbits.

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