Hulk Hogan Wants Chris Hemsworth to Play Him in Biopic

“We need a serious actor that knows what he’s doing,” Hulk says

Hulk Hogan is currently working on his own biopic and, according to online reports, he’s really setting his sights high as far as the actor playing him: he wants Chris Hemsworth for the lead.

As in, Hulk wants one of the hottest actors of the moment (on Marvel’s payroll for another few years) on board his little project.

“We need a serious, serious actor that knows what he’s doing. You know who I thought would be good? That guy that did that action movie, ‘Thor’,” Hulk is quoted as saying by eCanadaNow.

However, after this was out, Hogan tried to do some damage control, telling the press that they didn’t have a leading man yet but, if he was to think about it, his son Nick would also be “perfect” for the part.

He also said that the project was still in very early stages, having just hired two young writers for a first draft of the script. Hulk only saw a 4-page treatment at the time he came out with this clarification.

“But that’s all it is,” he added.

Still, I could see this happening, though I doubt Hemsworth is looking to make even more, big budget movies so centered on his impressive physique. He might go indie in between Marvel jobs, who knows?

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