Hugh Jackman Mocks Daniel Craig for James Bond Role – Video

Skit for Britannia Awards proves why Jackman is so incredibly popular, loved

Seriously, not loving Hugh Jackman would be a challenge. However, assuming you still don’t, check out the video above, which is a skit shot for BBC America’s Britannia Awards, where Craig is honored with the accolade of Artist of the Year.

For those who don’t know, Jackman and Craig are actually good friends, having also worked together on Broadway – so don’t even think Hugh is even in the slightest jealous of Daniel’s James Bond role.

The video shows Hugh getting made up for his appearance at the Awards, shooting his mouth off about how Craig only got the James Bond part because, basically, there was no one else producers could turn to.

As for the honor of Artist of the Year, air quotes would be in order, Jackman scoffs. Burn!

Daniel Craig takes on the James Bond role for the third time with “Skyfall,” which is now running in theaters. If we’re to believe Hugh, he really shouldn’t take too much pride in it.


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