Hugh Jackman Loses 3 Pounds (1.3kg) Every Night

Actor is dancing every night, losing weight constantly

Hugh Jackman has always been in incredible shape – in fact, he's considered one of the fittest male stars of the moment. These days, though, he's doing something extra to shed more weight, even though it's not intentional.

The Australian actor is currently starring in the Broadway play “Hugh Jackman, Back on Broadway,” a gig that requires that he do a lot of dancing.

While he's normally a regular at the gym, the extra workout is making him drop weight from one day to another, he says in an interview with NPR.

“We started a week ago. Already they’ve taken my pants in three times,” the actor says. He believes he's losing about 3 pounds (1.3kg) every night he performs.

The show's director and choreographer, Warren Carlyle, explains that it's no wonder Jackman is melting away the pounds: he's a consummate performer, one that invests everything he has in each project.

“He dances like Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire. He’s in that kind of category. He’s just like this great leading man who has rhythm and who can really, really move,” Carlyle says for the same publication.

Jackman isn't the only celebrity to recently discover that dancing is an amazing – and fun – way of staying in shape.

Kirstie Alley, who was on the previous season of Dancing With the Stars on ABC, recently revealed that dancing remains, to this day, her favorite workout, as we also informed you last week.

After losing a lot of weight and gaining back her strength and health, the 60-year-old star still takes dancing classes because she knows they work in terms of staying in shape and, just as importantly, because she'd die of boredom if she had to get a “normal” workout.

“Maintenance probably is the hardest part. I dance almost every day. [Being on DWTS] gave me something that I can do every day that I actually love that doesn’t feel like a hardship or a grind,” Kirstie explained.

“Come on, getting on a treadmill every day would make me slit my throat,” she added.

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