Hugh Hefner: ‘Playboy on iPad Will Be Uncensored’

The founder and Chief Creative Officer of Playboy Enterprises, Hugh Hefner has recently confirmed via Twitter that the next version of the iPad Playboy application will allow adult content, unlike the current version which features no nudity whatsoever.

Playboy already has an official application, but it’s not as popular as it should have been, mostly because of the restrictions surrounding it.

However, Apple is said to be opening up a subscription billing system for magazine and newspaper content, with News Corp's upcoming The Daily being the first to take advantage of the new model, sources say.

Now, the Playboy founder himself appears to have confirmed that the iOS app is getting the same treatment.

Hefner also revealed that the electronic version of the magazine would offer restriction-free content.

“Big news! Playboy--both old & new--will be available on iPad beginning in March”, one tweet signed @hughhefner reads.

Responding to a fellow Twitter user’s inquiries, Hefner added: “Playboy on iPad will be uncensored, Hugh.”

The current Playboy app offers the mag's cover, the Playmate's intro text and data sheet, preview pictures, and the usual magazine stuff like, Mantrack (lifestyle tips on everything from the latest gadgets to the traveling and liqueurs), Dear Playboy (what people write into Playboy and form your own opinion), reviews on the latest DVD’s, movies, music, books as well as a random assortment of a whole lot of other things.

The app also offers Free Playboy Wallpapers - downloadable photographs of the Playmates, designed for and available exclusively with the iPad app.

Monthly editions are available for purchase through the “Archive” section within the application, including previous months.

Currently, the Playboy app is compatible with all iOS portables (iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad) and requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Download Playboy for iOS ($0.99)

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