Huge Hippo Must Be Sedated and Blindfolded to Receive Treatment

Hippos are deadly animals, wildlife experts explain

A hippo living in Zimbabwe has recently found itself needing medical attention.

Local veterinarians agreed to help it regain its health, yet the animal's size and unpredictable behavior made it quite clear that, unless the hippo was sedated and blindfolded, it would be virtually impossible to come anywhere near it.

As Daily Mail explains, the veterinarians had to make sure that the hippo was sleepy enough not to be able to harm them, yet alert enough not to drown.

“You can see from the pictures it is still awake and watching us. We had to approach it from behind and put straps around its jaw. Once this had been done we had a bit more freedom to move around,” explained Dr. Kock, senior lecturer at the Faculty of Veterinary Science at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.

“By doing this it should help us treat the hippos without putting their lives in danger and it can help us to lead hippos away from situations where they come into close contact with humans,” he went on to add.

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