Huge Assassin’s Creed 3 Patch for PS3 and Xbox 360 Out Next Week

The big update should fix lots of bugs and mission glitches

Ubisoft has just confirmed that it's going to release a massive patch for Assassin's Creed 3 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms next week, which should fix some of the many issues with the game.

Assassin's Creed 3 came out at the end of last month on PS3 and Xbox 360 but, despite receiving a day-one patch which should have fixed a variety of issues, the game remained quite troublesome, with all sorts of glitches and problems annoying gamers.

Now, Ubisoft has confirmed that it's going to release a brand new patch for the game, which should fix plenty of issues.

The update will be released onto the PS3 and Xbox 360 sometime next week.

You can check out some of the bugs it corrects during single-player missions below, via the Assassin's Creed forums, but be careful as some spoilers are present

Mission – "A DEADLY PERFORMANCE" – Mission result screen could show an incorrect sync reward.

Mission – "A DEADLY PERFORMANCE" – Players could be stuck in the opera if they backtracked in a certain way after killing the target.

Mission – "INFILTRATING SOUTHGATE" – Target would not be spawned if the player failed to perform a meat shield during the firing line tutorial.

Mission – "INFILTRATING SOUTHGATE" – Fixed multiple bugs where the guard on the boat could walk in circles, stay stuck or jump on the railing.

Mission – "JOHNSON'S ERRAND" – Fixed floating muskets after a cinematic.

Mission – "JOHNSON'S ERRAND" – Moved HUD icon on the explosive barrel on the ground instead of above the cart, because that's what the player needs to shoot.

Mission – "JOHNSON'S ERRAND" – prevent the player from using hide spots during part the mission to avoid a possible mission break.

Mission – "THE SOLDIER" – Fixed a missing audio line.

Mission – "THE SURGEON" – Fixed a bug where the eavesdropping tutorial couldn't be completed if the mission was restarted.

Mission – "THE SURGEON" – Fixed NPC not reacting to the player's presence during the steal tutorial.

Mission – "THE SURGEON" – Fixed optional objectives that could fail too easily.

Mission – "WELCOME TO BOSTON" – When replaying the mission, when asked to buy a sword and pistol, those items would already be purchased.

Mission – "WELCOME TO BOSTON" – Fixed Possible mission break if the player shoots the horse he's supposed to ride.

Mission – "UNCONVINCED" – Fixed a bug where the player could enter the tavern too early and break the mission.

Mission – "UNCONVINCED" – Blocked accidental blending during the tavern fight, which could break the mission.

Mission – "FEATHERS AND TREES" – Fixed a bug where the optional objective "Do not touch the ground" could fail too easily.

Mission – "HUNTING LESSONS" – Fixed the issue where the bear could flee and eventually freeze.

Mission – "A BOORISH MAN" – After the mission, the candelabra would display an interaction effect while the secret door to the basement was already opened.

Mission – "RIVER RESCUE" – Blocked the player from diving in the river too early which could break the mission.

Mission – "STOP THE PRESSES" – Cinematic could sometimes not trigger, breaking the mission.

Mission – "THE HARD WAY" – Fixed the optional objective "Do not take any damage" that would fail if the player hits rocks even if it doesn't deal damage to the ship.

Mission – "ON JOHNSON'S TRAIL" – Fixed issue where Chapheau could become inactive if the player dragged the fight far from where it started.

Mission – "THE ANGRY CHEF" – Fixed issue where the "limit health loss" optional objective would wrongly fail if the player reloads a checkpoint or dies. Also fix the displayed limit to 33% as that's what's actually used.

Mission – "THE ANGRY CHEF" – fixed missing butcher hatchet during cinematic if blood option is turned off.

Mission – "BRIDEWELL PRISON" – Closed the cell doors while being escorted to prevent the player from getting stuck in them.

Mission – "BRIDEWELL PRISON" – fixed voices becoming muffled mid-eavesdropping.

Mission – "SOMETHING ON THE SIDE" – Fixed missing ocean during the chase.

Mission – "SOMETHING ON THE SIDE" – Made the chase part easier.

Mission – "A BITTER END" – Fixed a camera glitch if the player reloads last checkpoint during a certain cinematic.

Mission – "A BITTER END" – Fixed a glitch that could happen if the player restarted the mission during a specific cinematic.

Mission – "FATHER AND SON" – Fixed a bug where the guard you're supposed to kill would not reappear if the player starts fighting him and then runs away.

Mission – "FATHER AND SON'' – The mission could not be completed if the guard the player kills the target he's supposed to steal using a stealth kill from bench or a rope-dart hanging move.

Mission – "MISSING SUPPLIES" – Disabled a patrol that would almost guarantee failing the mission if they detected and started fighting Haytham.

Mission – "ALTERNATE METHODS" – Made the chase section easier.

Mission – "BROKEN TRUST" – fixed a bug where the player could be stuck on a horse if he exited and re-entered the Animus at a specific moment.

Mission – "LEE'S LAST STAND" – removed a destructible barrel that could cause problems if used as part of a contextual counter-attack.

Mission – "CHASING LEE'' – Adjusted difficulty on the Charles Lee chase.

Mission – "LAID TO REST" – Fixed a bug where the mission could be failed if redcoats start fighting the mission targets.

The new update includes lots of other fixes, so check out its full contents here.

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