Hudld App Combines Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, RSS

Social Aggregation app puts all your services in a single interface

Hudld, a social networking app that aggregates all your favorite social networks, is now available on iOS 6 devices with iPhone 5 compatibility and all-new Foursquare integration. The software combines the most popular social services into one app.

Hudld 1.08 is the latest version from developer MeFollow which adds Foursquare integration, optimizations for iOS 6 and the iPhone 5 (full-screen UI), as well as some adjustments to the sizing and placement of images.

Some crashes resulting from the previous “massive” update have been fixed, and there are some other enhancements that the developers didn’t quite feel like elaborating on. Avid users will probably spot them in a jiffy.

According to Brian Ash, CEO of HUDLD, “No other aggregator, including those with millions of prior downloads, comes closer to incorporating every aspect of an individual’s social life into one app than HUDLD does.”

“Almost 6 billion mobile phones and smart devices are currently used worldwide, and over 600 million of these mobile users are Facebook subscribers,” said Ash.

“This does not even include the hundreds of millions of Twitter, LinkedIn and Foursquare users, all of whom must bounce from one site to another several times a day, just to assemble their communications. It’s time-consuming and messy. Today we are proud to announce that we have ended that difficult process forever,” Ash said.

The CEO believes that his app’s strong point is the RSS feed inclusion amongst the most popular social services in one app. So far, Hudld is the only app that does this.

He regards the service as a one-stop shop for everyone’s social needs. “[It] is what individuals and businesses have desired for years, and partnerships are already developing around this exclusive technology, and we welcome more of these,” Ash concluded.

Not to mention that it’s completely free to download and use.

Download Hudld iOS (Free)

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