Huawei Wants to Clear Its Name by Offering Access to Source Codes and Equipment

The company wants to set up a cyber security center in Australia

In a speech held in Australia’s capital, Huawei representatives have stated that they’re well aware that their lack of communication has got them to the point where governments from all over the world are starting to see them as a security threat because of their ties with China.

However, according to Huawei Australia Chairman, John Lord, the company is willing to set up a national cyber security evaluation center, which would allow the government full access to equipment and source codes, The Guardian reports.

Huawei representatives have always claimed that they were highly transparent during the investigations that targeted them. However, according to Lord, they could have handled certain situations much better.

“Huawei has done a very poor job of communicating about ourselves and we must take full responsibility for that. Huawei has a duty to set the record straight, to dispel the myths and the misinformation," he said.

The company is determined to clear its reputation and, apparently, they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

A similar cyber security center was set up in the United Kingdom two years ago, which is probably why British authorities are not concerned about the potential security risks posed by Huawei equipment.

The communications giant also proposes the inauguration of such a center in the United States, where officials have been highly vocal against the company.

The current situation in Australia is not far different from the one in the US. Australia has banned the company from participating in the development of the country’s national broadband network.

It will be interesting to see if Australia accepts the proposal and if it has any positive impact on Huawei’s stained reputation.

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