Huawei Wants to Ask German Security Researcher for Help in Patching Up Devices

Felix Lindner has identified a number of vulnerabilities in the company's devices

At this year’s Defcon security conference, German researcher Felix Lindner highlighted the existence of several vulnerabilities that affected Huawei routers.

Huawei, which is now determined to clear its reputation at all cost, is prepared to send one of its teams to Germany to have a talk with the security expert.

The firm's representatives told Reuters that they were prepared to work with Lindner in addressing the issues he had identified.

The decision comes after Australia and the United States have issued official reports that accused the telecoms company of embedding backdoors into its equipment to help China spy on its adversaries.

The company has denied the accusations on numerous occasions and has even offered to allow any government full access to its facilities in an effort to demonstrate that it has nothing to hide.

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