Huawei H11HW Brings Music and 3G at a Reasonable Price

Available in Japan at first

Huawei, a leading telecommunications company from China, recently released its latest mobile phone, the H11HW. This new handset comes with some cool features (for an affordable device) as well as a pretty nice overall look.

Huawei H11HW has a clamshell form factor and, when closed, it shows a small internal display as well as music dedicated keys, created to offer users an easy access to the music player of the handset. When opened, the phone unveils a user friendly alphanumeric keypad and an internal display that, unfortunately, only has 2 inches and a resolution of 176 x 220 pixels.

Aside from these aspects, the H11HW brings GSM connectivity with GPRS and EDGE plus HSDPA / WCDMA for data transfer speeds of up to 3.6 Mbps, Bluetooth, Web browser, push email, dictaphone, a 2.0 Megapixel camera with video recording, USB 2.0, 60MB of internal memory and microSD card slot - all in a case that weighs 105 grams and, when closed, measures 98 x 49.5 x 17.5 millimeters.

The new Huawei H11HW will be released on June 14 via Emobile, a Japanese carrier based in Tokyo. The handset will be sold for 29,980 Japanese yen ($280) without a contract, or for 5,980 yen ($56) with a two-year contract agreement and a "Shin Ninen" data plan.

Being relatively new on the mobile market, Emobile only has slightly over 0.5 million customers and it's the fifth largest mobile operator in Japan, behind the giants NTT DoCoMo (53.5 million users), KDDI au (30 million users) and Softbank (19 million users), but also behind Willcom, which has about 4.6 million subscribers.

For the moment, there are no details on whether or not the H11HW is going to be available in other countries except Japan, but it's quite possible that we see the phone soon via Vodafone (in Europe and the other markets where it operates), since the V carrier is known for branding and commercializing devices manufactured by Huawei.


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