Howard Stern Pranks TV Station in Christopher Dorner Coverage – Video

Prankster calls in on KCBS-TV, pretends to have inside knowledge on the shootout

A prankster associated with Howard Stern’s show called in on a local CBS station, KCBS-TV, during coverage of Christopher Dorner’s death after a violent shootout with police – and it all aired live on TV.

Check out the video above to hear how the anchorwoman got pranked.

The guy on the phone says he’s Mike Taugher, a State Fish and Game ranger with inside knowledge of the violence that preceded Dorner’s death.

The whole thing feels legit at first, until the caller says he saw “Ronnie the Limo Driver,” aka Ronnie Mund, a Stern regular, firing at Dorner.

The anchorwoman still doesn’t get it and keeps pressing the caller for more details but he’s not having it anymore. “You’re a real dumb[expletive], you still don’t know this is a prank?” he says before hanging up.

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