How to Unbrick a PSP. Bad Mods Can Be Fixed!

Homebrewers work wonders again

Yes, I know that modding your PSP is illegal, but is fixing it after a failed modding attempt illegal too? After all, it's just a second shot given to those noobs that bricked their PSP consoles... The bottom line is that now there's hope for every bricked PSP in the world as a group of hard-working homebrewers came up with a way to unbrick your favorite portable console.

This initiative took the name of Prometheus project and involved lots of years of hard work and guess what? It's totally free! All of you owners of a bricked PSP listen up! You'll have to run "Pandora's Battery" on a normal PSP console, turning its battery into a "jigkick" on. Keep in mind that you won't be able to use it normally after this, but you can run a program in order to create an image that will help you in the unbricking process.

The image emulates an unbricker memory stick and should be installed on your memory with the aid of a PC. All you have to do afterwards is install the "jigkick" battery and the memory stick on the bricked PSP and it will come back to life, with the 1.50 firmware. See how tough it is to correct a gamer's mistake? That's what you get for modding a console nowadays... Thank God that this unbricking solution is free, as it would have been a pain to start paying for something that's not 100 percent sure to work.

It seems that the homebrewers have struck gold again with this program, but the bad part about this breakthrough is that people will start modding their consoles, since now there's no risk of bricking the PSP beyond repair.

* Note: We remind you that does not support illegal activities like hacking or modding PSP consoles or any other gaming devices.

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