How to Transfer SMS Messages from Symbian OS to Android

Lately, many Symbian OS users are turning to other platforms that offers them more freedom and functionality. For these people that are planning to replace their old/new Symbian smartphone with an Android device, here is a guide that shows how the SMS messages can be transferred safely.

The procedure requires users to install the latest version of Nokia's Ovi Suite and connect their Symbian phones to a PC. Sync the SMS messages from the phone with the PC, disconnect the smartphone and close Nokia Ovi Suite.

Make sure that Nokia Ovi Suite is closed, as the application tends to run in the background when you try to close it from the “X” button in the upper right corner. If that's the case, the app can be found in the System tray near the “Date and clock” area. Simply right click on the icon and choose Exit.

A third-party application is also required before you can actually transfer your messages to any Android-based device. The application is called Nokia2AndroidSMS and it was developed by Miha Vrhovnik.

Nokia2AndroidSMS allows you to convert SMS messages from Nokia Ovi datafiles into an xml file supported by the SMS Backup & Restore Android application.

Download Nokia2AndroidSMS and extract it to any directory and run Nokia2AndroidSMS.exe. The application should automatically find all datastores created by Nokia OVI and automatically select the 1st one.

If that fails you will need to do it manually by either dragging and dropping the datastore file from Windows Explorer into the Nokia2AndroidSMS window or use the Open button to find it.

Press Convert button and you should get an .xml file in the same folder you extracted the third-party application.

On your Android smartphone search in the Market for an application called SMS Backup & Restore and install it. Connect the Android phone to your PC and copy the .xml file into the SMSBackupRestore folder on the phone.

Then simply run SMS Backup & Restore and choose Import messages option to transfer all your SMS messages.

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