How to Sync the LG Optimus One with iTunes

Apple's iTunes popular syncing software seems to be appealing to Android smartphone users as well. We have described earlier how users can sync their Motorola DROID devices with the iTunes software and we'll continue with the LG Optimus One.

There are two ways to easily wirelessly sync iTunes with LG Optimus One smartphone. The first method requires users to download and install on their computer, a small software called “iTunes Agent.”

The software will allow you to use your Optimus S with iTunes on a Windows-based computer, as long as it runs in the background.

After the installation process ends, right-click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray, next to the clock and click Preferences.

Click the New button, but make sure that you leave all defaults checked. Name the device Optimus One, or use whatever name you wish and check if the Synchronize pattern option is set to iTunes.

Launch iTunes and you should be able to see the Optimus One under the device category. To sync files right-click on the iTunes Agent icon in the system tray and select Synchronize devices.

Another tool that will allow you to sync the Optimus One with iTunes is called “TuneSync” and is compatible with OS X or Windows.

After you download and install the “TuneSync” software organize and create the playlists in iTunes that you want to be synced with your Android device.

After the app is installed on the Optimus open it and select the Host Computer option. Wait for TuneSync to find and display your iTunes library, and then select it. You will know that your smartphone is connected to your computer, as soon as the you see a list of all the playlists.

Choose each playlist that you wish to sync by checking the box next to it. From the main screen make sure that the Enable Sync option is checked, scroll down and select Sync Now.

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