How to Sync Samsung Captivate Using Samsung Kies Desktop Software

Samsung Kies is a desktop software that provides Samsung device users with easy data backup, transfer, and enhanced multimedia management. Unfortunately, the application is not yet available in the US, probably because of some issues that carrier branded Galaxy S devices have when they're synced with Kies.

Basically, the software is not supported in the US, so even if you make it work you might have major issues or you will lack some of the features that the software currently offers.

Depending on what operating system you run on your computer, you will need to install Microsoft .NET 4 Framework or not. It seems to be required for Windows 7.

Download Samsung Kies applications from, even though it will tell you that it's not available for the US. You can choose any country in the right part of the screen because during the installation you will be able to choose what language you want, and US is an available choice.

After the installation process finishes, you will notice that connecting the phone the first time will not work.

Simply close the program and disconnect the USB cable, then reconnect the phone with the cable to get Windows start installing the necessary drivers.

Just open the Samsung Kies software again and when you are asked for USB connection type it means that you managed to connect the phone with the PC through Kies.

If you have troubles even after the drivers are installed, just make sure that MTP app is displayed on the phone's screen and that your phone's default UI is set to TouchWiz and not LauncherPro or any other third-party app.

While Samsung Kies is far from being a great synching software, it still has some useful features.

If you manage to successfully connect your Samsung Captivate with Kies, you will be able to backup and synchronize your contacts and calendar with Outlook and convert videos to play on the phone.

Many issues with the SD card have been reported while trying to connect Samsung Captivate with Kies. Most users are pointing out that there's a problems with the software recognizing long file names.

Thanks to XDA -Developers user Truceda for the tips and hints.

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