How to Spy on PDA and Mobile Phones with FlexiSPY

A way to secretly find out everything about your close ones

FlexiSPY has been until now the ultimate solution for spying all mobile phone actions and messages. Vervata has just expanded this possibility to even more devices, including those that work on Windows Mobile or which are part of the Nokia Series 60.

FlexiSPY seems to have gone past the controversy whether spying on all the events that take place on someone else's mobile phone is correct or not. In some countries, this problem is solved by legal matters and leaves no room for debating. Still, Vervata has decided that the software is worth an expansion on even more evolved mobile devices, so we figure that it has been quite successful until now.

FlexiSPY is capable of recording all SMS messages, call logs, emails and the device's location at a certain time. That's enough to find out exactly what the person that you are spying on is doing at every moment. The FlexiSPY website promises this software to bring great results for finding out whether your spouse is cheating on you and for protecting children. FlexiSPY runs in the background and can be accessed only through a secret code, which means that the handheld's user will never even suspect that someone is spying on him.

It is debatable whether this is an intrusive action in someone else's private life or not. Still, many people are not capable of finding a better solution for solving their problems aside from spying. This is the main reason for this software's great popularity. Going past Vervata's assurance that FlexiSPY only seems to be unethical, but it is not, the program makes an extreme resort for problems that might have various other solutions.

FlexiSPY is now available for more evolved mobile devices too. The software will work on Blackberry, Windows Mobile and the latest Nokia Series 60 for law enforcement, cost control, device deployments, legal compliance and mobile data backup. Whatever it may be called, it is still spying.

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