How to Send a Sexy Video Holiday Card, Courtesy of YouTube

They must've been cooking this up for months now

A couple of days ago, or was it just yesterday, I was merrily browsing through YouTube, wondering just how many clicks I'd need to get to a sexy clip starting from one with a screaming cat. Not too many, it seemed, five were enough, but in the process I've discovered something really interesting.

The YouTube team has decided to surprise us this year with the option to send away video cards of our free choosing. And by free I mean "not out of the few templates with holiday wishes that they have," but out of all the videos uploaded on it. Ok, I said, I knew a couple of guys who'd rather not receive "fluffy cat" holiday cards from their girlfriends, so I told them about it as they could let their better halves know of it. But then I thought, hey, why don't I start sending such cards, I mean after all, I found it. What would the guys like… I know… as naked a woman as I can find on YouTube. So, I searched for that and on the left you can see the nicest of the lot that I could come up with. And I also boxed with red the click that starts it all.

It's a very easy process: choose a video, click the link, select a theme (no fireplace theme with a bear rug in front of it available, sorry) and then fill in your name, message and the address of the receiver/ receivers. And brace yourself for the feedback, I've almost forgot about that.

Of course, you can also upload you personal video of your family saying "Merry Christmas" or anything else that has that intimate feeling which surfaces just once a year, when it snows and that special holiday smell fills the air.

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