How to Send a Message to Anyone on Facebook, No Matter Their Privacy Settings

The message will arrive in their inbox for free, guaranteed

Recently, Facebook started testing new ways for users to send messages to each other, specifically, ways of ensuring that messages to people you don't know very well or at all are seen by those people.

To do this, Facebook is asking for money, pay a sum and your message will arrive in the inbox of whomever you're targeting.

It may sound like a recipe for spam, but it's actually a tool against it. However, users can already send a message to any other user.

You can send a message to any of your friends and to strangers that have not explicitly disabled this feature.

All of this is free, but there's a catch, there's no guarantee that your message will ever be seen as more often than not, it will be sent directly to the Other folder rather than the main Inbox, which is what everyone looks at.

Paying $1, €0.75 to target a friend or $100 for a stranger ensures that the message goes to the Inbox. However, there's another way to send a message to any Facebook user, no matter their privacy settings. As a bonus, there's no way your message won't be seen.

Developer Lukas Klein figured all this out and found a way to game Facebook's existing "Report/Block" feature to get a message across. It may not be the fastest or the most convenient, but it can't be beat on efficiency.

There are a few steps you have to follow, first go to the profile of whomever you want to send a message to and hit the Report/Block... link.

You'll be presented with a few options, choose "Submit a Report" and "Report … account." You'll get a new set of options, select "This timeline is using a fake name."

You'll then be able to write a message warning the user that you "know" he or she is using a fake name. But you don't have to say that, you can write whatever you want in there. The message will end up in that user's Inbox.

Facebook hasn't said anything about, but it's clear that the system, as it is now, is ripe for abuse. Chances are, with enough exposure, Facebook will fix this.

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