How to Save YouTube Videos on Your Samsung Galaxy S

Be sure to have a memory card inserted

Web browsing and watching online videos are among the best methods of entertainment for smartphone users these days. Unfortunately, as every service costs, you will probably have to limit your desires when it comes to Internet costs. Unless you have a very good data transfer plan of course. But if you don't here is an easy way to lower these costs.

The following guide refers to watching videos even if you're not connected to the Internet. The easiest method is to simply get near an Wi-Fi hotspot, download what you need and watch it whenever you like, even if you're offline. Here is a simple way to save your favorite YouTube videos in MP4 format on your memory card for later viewing.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S, simply navigate your phone's browser to the YouTube video you want to download. Then click on the video's URL and use the Android Web browser to open it. DO NOT use the default YouTube application that comes with your phone. While in the browser, click Menu and then Go To URL. You can find the video's URL in the URL field. Carefully place the cursor directly after the "www." and type in the word "pwn" before "".

If you reach to this result "", then you are doing it right and you just need to hit the Enter key. The last step is to click on the Download High Quality MP4 Video option on the page and it will start downloading the MP4 file directly to the memory card.

All the clips are saved in MP4 file and will remain on your memory card until deleted. Stay tuned for more Samsung Galaxy S tips and tricks.

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