How to Move Text Messages from Windows Mobile to Android Smartphones

HTC HD2 owners who dual-boot their devices to Windows Mobile and Android are aware that text messages received are not shared between the two operating systems.

Even though it might be seen as a minor issue, for some users this may be important. Fortunately, there is a simple method of migrating text messages from one OS to another.

Before starting the procedure make sure you download a small Windows Mobile application called SMS Exporter, which is available as a free download from Softpedia.

After installation is finished, run the app and let it export all the phone's text messages, which will be archived in an .xml file. Using an .xml editor load the file and edit the line as described below:

Original line in xml-file:

<sms protocol="0" address=""SENDERS NAME" " date="1281196885000" type="1" body="TEXT MESSAGE" status="-1" read="1" />

Edited line that is needed in Android, so the senders name and numbers are displayed correctly:

<sms protocol="0" address="SENDERS NUMBER" date="1281196885000" type="1" body="TEXT MESSAGE" status="-1" read="1" />

After the edit process is finished, boot up Android and download and install the “SMS Backup + Restore” application, which is available as a free download from Android Market.

Using this application you will be able to import the edited .xml file into Android and migrate your text messages.

It is recommended that you make a backup of all your text messages before trying to export them to Android. This way you'll prevent any data loss that you might encounter if you skip any steps of the procedure.

Migrating text messages from Android to Windows Mobile is possible as well, and requires users to install the SMS Backup app from the Android Market. Additional editing of the .xml file is also required before exporting your messages in Windows Mobile.

Thanks to XDA forum member Cheech1976 for the hints.

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