How to Make the BlackBerry App World Icon Appear After Update

The guide applies to devices running under BlackBerry OS 6 or newer

One of the common issues that BlackBerry users encounter on their devices is the missing BlackBerry App World icon from the screen after an update.

Apparently, the issue appears with more than one native application from Research In Motion, yet there are a few ways to resolve it.

Users who have had a beta flavor of the application installed on their devices are often told to delete the older app when upgrading to an official flavor, so as to avoid issues like these.

Those who haven’t, however, are more likely to experience these problems, yet no specific info on what caused them has been provided by RIM.

Yet, it all appears to emerge when the newer flavor of the app is installed on top of the older release without deleting it first.

On devices running under BlackBerry OS 6 prior to, where the icon does not appear, users should try deleting the BlackBerry App World installed on their phones, and reinstall the BlackBerry App World instead, RIM suggests.

For that, they should fire up the BlackBerry Browser on their smartphone, go to, download the file and restart the handset when prompted.

On BlackBerry 6 OS versions and higher, users are advised to download and install the latest version of BlackBerry App World (currently, provided that the icon does not appear on the homescreen.

There is also the possibility that the icon does not appear if the device was not restarted after the BlackBerry App World was installed. In this case, users should turn the device off, remove the battery, place it back inside the phone, and power it on.

Another possible explanation for the missing icon is the fact that it is hidden. To solve this issue, press the BlackBerry menu button on the homescreen, select “Show all” and make sure that the screen is in the “All” panel homescreen.

Users should do the same for each folder, provided that the icon still does not appear. If they find it in a folder, select it, press the BlackBerry menu button, and click “Hide,” as this will deselect the hide setting.

If these steps do not work, users can also try another solution. They should delete the BlackBerry App World from their smartphones by going to Device > Application Management > BlackBerry App World. Hit the BB key when and select Delete.

According to blackberryos, users should also clear the pushed content from their BlackBerry's browser. Launch the browser, click the BB key and go to Options, then go to "Clear Browsing Data." Select Pushed Content and hit "Clear Now."

As soon as this has been done, restart the phone and reinstall the BlackBerry App World as for the first time. The app can be downloaded either through the browser or over-the-air from RIM’s official portal, via this link.

The application won’t ask for a reboot when the installation has been completed, and the BlackBerry App Icon should show on the homescreen.

Apparently, the same can be done for some other native apps from RIM that exhibit similar behavior, including Twitter for BlackBerry and Facebook for BlackBerry.

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