How to Make a Pumpkin Keg [Video]

Learn how to turn a pumpkin into a peg in a few easy steps

With Halloween coming up, we decided to revive this clip from September, seeing as it is vital for anyone to know how to make a keg out of a large pumpkin.

This fun how-to video gives to-the-point instructions on how to make your Halloween party a bit more interesting, using alcohol of course.

In order to perform this operation, you would need a carving knife and a serrated knife. Once the lid is carved open, the serrated knife is used to hollow out the pumpkin. A small, finer knife is needed after emptying out your improvised keg, so that a spigot can be inserted without breaking the pumpkin in half.

The inner wall of the pumpkin has to be thinned out in order for the spigot to be secured properly. A pumpkin with thick crust is better suited for use as a beer dispenser.

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