How to: Make KFC Style Fried Chicken

The long-kept secret behind this recipe is not a secret anymore

User HowToBasic has posted this video just 3 days ago and, with 230,000 views, you can tell they got extremely close to unveiling the secret behind KFC's famous fried chicken.

HowToBasic has made it their mission to understand, replicate and share with the public what is behind the fast-food chain's delicious chicken meal.

In the past, they have tackled How to make Coke and How to make a cheeseburger, just like Ronald Macdonald would have wanted it to be.

The best part about this how-to recipe is that it shows you how you can prepare chicken for deep frying in under two minutes. However, you do have to get a little brutal with the meat in order to achieve this effect, in the allotted time frame.

Basically, the user just crushes some eggs, adds milk, briefly soaks the chicken in the mixture, gets the meat powdered with flour, and then rips it apart by smacking it on the oven tray. He or she then proceeds to insert in the oven. The recipe is easy and, as the user promises, requires minimum cooking skills.

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