How to Install Compiz Fusion on Ubuntu Studio

Because creative people need desktop effects too.

Based on Ubuntu Feisty Fawn (7.04), Ubuntu Studio provides a suite of the best FREE and Open Source software available for multimedia creation. The distribution is completely free to use, redistribute and modify. On the other hand, the Compiz Fusion project tries to bring us all the latest 3D technologies, such as Cube reflection, paint fire on your desktop and many breathtaking eye candy animations. Combine these two elements and you'll have the most futuristic, out-of-this-world operating system.

The following guide will teach you (step by step) how to install Compiz Fusion on your Ubuntu Studio operating system, including the installation process of the video drivers. Mind that Compiz Fusion is still in heavy development, so it may not be very stable. For me (at this moment) it's pretty stable, as I didn't encounter any bugs.

Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources, click on the second tab (Third-Party Software), then click on the "Add" button and paste the following code:

deb feisty eyecandy

Click the "Add Source" button after you pasted the above code and do the same for the following code:

deb-src feisty eyecandy

Don't close the Software Sources window yet!

Open a terminal (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal) and type:

sudo apt-key add DD800CD9.gpg

Now click the "Close" button on the Software Sources window and you will be asked if you want to reload the information about available software, so click the "Reload" button and wait for the window to disappear.

Copy/Paste the following lines in the terminal window:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get -y upgrade

How to install Nvidia and ATI video drivers:

Go to System -> Administration -> Restricted Drivers Manager and check the Enable box to install the video driver for your graphics card. When the installation is complete, notice that it says "Needs computer restart" on the Status area. So, reboot your computer to finish the video driver's installation. (Notice that the blue "needs restart" icon appears on the system tray area. Click on it and then click the "Restart Now" button.)

How to install Compiz Fusion:

And now, let's install Compiz Fusion in Ubuntu Studio with the following command:

sudo apt-get -y install compiz compiz-gnome compizconfig-settings-manager compiz-fusion-plugins-extra libcompizconfig-backend-gconf

If everything was correctly installed and you didn't encounter errors, press ALT+F2 and type:

compiz --replace

Or you can create a desktop shortcut for Compiz Fusion:

Right clicking on your desktop and choose 'Create Launcher...'
Review image
In the Create Launcher window, type Compiz Fusion in the "Name" field, then type "compiz --replace" (without quotation marks) in the "Command" field, choose a nice icon and click the OK button...
Review image
...and the shortcut was created
Review image
That's it! From now on, when you want to enable Compiz Fusion, double click this shortcut you've just created. Enjoy the latest 3D eye candy effects on your Ubuntu Studio OS.

Some quick tricks:

- Hold CTRL + ALT keys and with the left mouse button rotate the cube

- Super + E activates the Expo plugin

- Hold Super + Shift and with your mouse paint fire on your desktop

- Super + Shift + C will erase the fire paint

- Super + Tab activates the Ring Switcher plugin

Here is a quick video demonstration:

And the official Compiz Fusion DEMO


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