How to Improve Your Samsung Epic 4G Signal

Sprint customers who are not satisfied with their Samsung Epic 4G signal or are experiencing frequent connection drops even in areas with good coverage are now presented with an opportunity to boost their phone's 4G signal.

Before proceeding make sure your have your MSL code. The MSL code is generated by an algorithm based upon the phone’s ESN (electronic serial number) and the specific carrier who originally sold the phone, so you can either call Sprint for this of try to get it manually.

To obtain the MSL code you will need to download and install a third party app called ConnectBot, which is available for free from Android Market. Open the application, press SSH and select Local.

Type whatever you want in the next window and press enter. Type in “getprop” and you should be able to identify the MSL code by scrolling all the way up. The MSL code is the only one with six digits, so it should be easy to find.

After getting the MSL code you can dial ##3282# to enter the phone's test menus. Click on the WiMAX option and enter your MSL code. Make sure the 4G radio is powered on.

Then simply go to Extensions and hold EntryRX and Write Extension. You must change the values from -89 to -110, because the lower the number, the weaker is the signal.

The last step requires you to change the EntryCINR to 0004, or if you don't like that the radio is taking too long to reconnect once you lost the 4G signal you can change Scan Retries to 00015 and Scan attempt timeout to 0002.

If you wish to improve the 3G signal just dial ##3282#, go to multimedia and make sure HTTPPD Proxy Port is 0 and HTTPPD Proxy Address is set to

Your Sprint Epic 4G should have a much better 4G signal now.

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