How to Have Real Sex with Virtual, In-Game Characters

The revolutionary Novint Falcon controller used for some rather unholy purposes

Even if the sex toy industry is quite alive and well and rolls out hundreds, if not thousands of new designs every year, it would seem that absolutely nothing can beat the dirty minds of technology fanatics around the world, who'd stop at nothing in order to get as close and personal as possible to the female characters from their favorite games. And the latest device that fell pray to the users' lust is none other than one of the most revolutionary game controllers launched up until now, namely the Novint Falcon.

Thus, according to an article posted on Slashdong (which appears to be a twisted, sex-oriented version of the very popular Slashdot website, at least in terms of names), it would seem that a very imaginative user has combined the Falcon with one of the most popular sex toys around, namely a fleshlight (a device that has the external appearance of a normal flashlight but sports a soft, genitalia-shaped material inside).

As you might remember from our article on this subject, the Novint Falcon is considered to be the world's first controller to offer a full 3D feeling and force feedback capabilities, therefore allowing the user to enjoy a very special and immersive gaming experience, which includes a full range of realistic touch sensations (as for example weight, shape, texture, dimension, dynamics and force effects), as well as high-fidelity force feedback.

However, all these features could be used for other, "dirtier" purposes as well. Thus, since there are quite a lot of erotic-themed PC games available on the market, any user could build the setup you can see in the enclosed pictures and then adjust the settings of the Novint Falcon in order to deliver a very pleasurable experience. Moreover, even if the impromptu sex toy depicted here is aimed at male-users only, female users could also adapt a dildo to this crazy contraption.

My take on this? One Novint Falcon: around 240 US dollars. One Fleshlight: 60 US dollars. One's genital organ being torn off by a freaky accident: priceless.

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