How to Fix iOS 7.0.6 Battery Drain Issues on iPhone, iPad

An easy fix for a problem that appears to have become widespread

It’s confirmed at this point that, although iOS 7.0.6 is a highly recommended update, the new firmware poses a new risk for some users: severe battery drainage.

Some cases are less serious, while others are experiencing battery drainage so rapid that “users can basically watch the battery percentage gauge tick down,” according to one report. Regardless of the boat you’re in, if you think you’re afflicted by the drainage, there’s a really easy fix going around the web.

Step 1: unlock your home screen;

Step 2: double tap the Home button to open the Multitasking tray;

Step 3: swipe upwards on every single open app to quit/close it;

Step 4: press the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously and hold them down for 10 seconds to force-reboot the device.

After the hard reset is completed, your device should ask you to re-enter your passcode or to unlock it with your fingerprint, if you have a 5s, as well as to enter your PIN code if you’re doing this on an iPhone, not an iPad or iPod touch.

The hard reset works on all three devices in the same way, though no one can guarantee that your battery problems will be resolved by doing this. Some users claim to have had success restoring their devices to the stock firmware via iTunes.

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