How to Fix RAW Photo Compatibility in Aperture 3

Aperture may not recognize some formats despite installing the necessary update

Photography buffs using Apple’s Aperture 3 with new-generation cameras may encounter difficulties in processing images churned up by their DSLRs, despite applying the latest updates from Cupertino.

Apple has acknowledged a bug of sorts in Aperture 3 which causes the professional photography software to turn a blind eye to new RAW formats from new cameras.

The company’s newly-released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update also can’t help, despite promising to add support for new RAW imaging formats. Why? Apple explains:

“After installing an OS X or Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update which adds support for new cameras, photos from those cameras may still show as unsupported in the Aperture library.”

“This may happen with photos that you imported into the Aperture library before installing the update,” Apple says.

Apple last week released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 4.03, which adds support for Canon EOS 6D and Nikon 1 V2 camera models.

The update adds RAW image compatibility not only for Aperture 3, but also for iPhoto 11.

Customers experiencing the aforementioned issues are told to select one or more affected photos in the Aperture image Browser and then choose Photos > Reprocess Originals from the main menu.

The Reprocess Photos window will appear offering users the chance to tweak some of the options.

Users affected by the incompatibility issue will want to set “Which photos do you want to reprocess?” to “All photos” and “Do you want new versions created for the reprocessed photos?” to "Reprocess existing images,” according to Apple.

Finally, users must click the Reprocess Photos button to finish. At this point, all compatibility issues involving RAW imaging formats in Aperture 3 should be resolved.

As a final tip on our behalf, make sure you have all your updates installed before attempting anything. Aperture is at version 3.4.3 and the latest Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update is version 4.03.

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