How to Enable Flash Websites in Windows 8’s Internet Explorer Metro

Developer finds a way to bypass the restriction set up by Microsoft

Microsoft’s Windows 8 comes with two different flavors of Internet Explorer 10, one that can be easily started from the desktop and another one that runs in “Metro” mode.

As we told you some time ago, the Metro flavor of Internet Explorer comes with strict restrictions on Flash websites, so only pages approved by Microsoft can be loaded.

While this is indeed a pretty helpful limitation, at least from the security point of view, it’s extremely annoying to know that your everyday browser cannot load specific websites.

It all comes down to a whitelist however and an XDA developer has managed to figure out a way to edit this file. Marvin_S writes that users can personally edit the whitelist and add as many websites as they want, but the whole job needs to be done entirely manually.

The whitelist is located in the following location:

C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IECompatData\iecompatdata.xml

You can open it with Wordpad, Notepad or any other text or XML editor, while adding a new website to the list is easy as pie. Just check the existing entries and add a new one. Also, you can even copy one of the listed websites and modify it in accordance with your own page.

Microsoft says the decision to manually approve the Flash websites that can be loaded in the Metro Internet Explorer is purely based on its desire to offer users high-quality pages and nothing else.

Review image
The Metro Internet Explorer 10 doesn't provide the same rich feature package as the desktop version, but instead comes with tab support and a touch-optimized interface.

“We place sites with Flash content on the CV list if doing so delivers the best user experience in Internet Explorer 10 with those sites,” Microsoft wrote in its very own Flash Content Guidelines.

Of course, all the other websites can be loaded in the standard version of Internet Explorer 10, but for the Metro version, this trick can come in quite handy.

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