How to Drink Sperm to Become a Strong Man

The ritual homosexuality

Researches show that strict "homosexuality" and "heterosexuality" are very rare, making less than 9 % of the human population (thus, over 90 % of the people are bisexual!), yet many societies, including the western ones are traditionally harshly punishing homosexuality. And if researches made on humans, but also on animals, show that hundreds of species of mammals, birds, fish, insects, lizards, snakes, turtles, salamanders and toads have homosexual behavior, maybe a look at primitive human societies might tell us more. An example might be those tribes practicing ritual homosexuality in the remote mountains of Trans-Fly river region of southern New Guinea.

This is the case of Etoro, a tribe of 400 people living by hunting and small-scale gardening in eastern New Guinea, on the southern slopes of Mt. Sisa (Stickland-Bosavi district).

These people are famous due to their ritual homosexuality between young boys and men of the tribe. The Etoro sustain that young boys must swallow the semen of their elders to become a powerful adult! (well, we know sperm is rich in protein, minerals, and vitamins, what sportsmen need, but this is too exaggerated...). The Etoro believe that people have an individual amount of vital force, but the highest concentrations are encountered in semen.

This power is transmitted between the members of the tribe by means of sex. That's why young boys, even at the age of 12, get it from the sperm of the older males. The boy gets "power" orally by a young man assigned to be his partner. Few years later, the teenager is formally involved in relationships with many male sex partners, after which he turns into an "inseminator" from an "inseminee."

The former older male partner in many cases has to marry the sister of his former younger partner. Most Etoro men marry, but even so, they delay marriage as much as possible, and in fact, as they have to marry a relative of their male partner, they actually reinforce bonds with him.

Women are regarded as wasting the vital force if heterosexual sex does not end up in a pregnancy, and the role of the women as mothers and wives is neglected. Men and women live separated, thus social contact between them is scarce and in most cases hostile.

The Etoro homosexual society is one of male exclusivity, attributing to women a low status.

The weakness of the old age is linked to the depletion of this power. Homosexual oral sex is common among males in their youth, with various sexual roles played by adolescents. Heterosexuality is allowed only for a strict period of 100 days per year, and only outside the communal household and thus forbidden near their houses and vegetable gardens.

On the contrary, homosexual relations are allowed at any time, as they also bestow fertility on crops, besides turning the boys strong. No wonder the birth rate amongst Etoro is very low. In order to avoid depopulation, Etoro often steal children from neighboring tribes, raising them as if they were their own.

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