How to Download HD Photos from Microsoft’s Search Engine

Microsoft releases new option for those who want to download the Bing Homepage Image

As most users probably know by now, Bing, Microsoft’s very own search engine, comes with some astonishing backgrounds every day, most of them created by famous photographers around the world.

Simply move your mouse cursor over the small “i” symbol on the right side of the screen to see photo owner and credits.

Well, because some users have turned to all kinds of apps in order to download these photos, Microsoft has finally decided to make everything a lot easier by releasing a dedicated option in this regard.

From now on, every time you load the main Bing page, there’s a button on the right-hand side of the screen that gives you the option to download the Bing Homepage Image of the day.

“We heard you loud and clear. Today, we are pleased to introduce an easy way to download the Bing Homepage Image of the day,” Stephanie Horstmanshof, senior managing editor, BingStudios, said in a post.

“Simply click on the button, connect with Facebook and you can download the image to your computer. We also offer a new way for you to view the homepage in full-screen mode, by clicking the intersecting arrows,” she added.

The new feature is now rolling out to all users, so don’t worry if you can’t see it yet, chances are that you’re going to get it in the next few hours.

Alternatively, there are several dedicated applications out there that could help you in this regard.

Microsoft itself released the so-called Bing Desktop downloadable application earlier this year, a tool that comes with a pretty helpful feature package. Among others, Bing Desktop also lets you download the Bing Homepage Image of the day straight to your desktop.

“Bing Desktop provides an automatic update of the Windows Desktop Background image to the Bing home page image each day,” the description of the app reads.

Download Bing Desktop from Softpedia for free

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