How to Deal with Insect Bites

...and chase away insects

They are an annoyance that can ruin our pleasantest trip. But in rural areas, with so many domestic and wild animals around, the insects' proliferation is unavoidable, and with them come their bites. That's why people have looked for many natural remedies to alleviate them.

To relieve rapidly the uneasiness caused by the bites of the mosquitoes, there's nothing better than cutting an extremely fine slice of fresh onion and pass it over the affected area. Alcohol, too, eases the mosquitoes' bite.

In case of wasp bite, it is more effective to mix wine vinegar and water in equal parts and moisten the skin with it. In case of bee bite, the most adequate approach is to use some sodium bicarbonate diluted in water. In the last case, you have to take into account that the needle remains implanted into the skin, that's why you have to extract it before (with proper pincers and a magnifying glass).

Other extremely effective solution is to dilute lavender oil into water or another type of oil and apply it directly over theaffected area. Moreover, lavender oil chases away the insects, impeding the little bug tol return to complete its work.

If you're on the field or in a garden, it will be easy to use a pot marigold (Calendula) flower. European villagers use to grind one of these wild flowers, and put it over the bite to alleviate the stinging and avoid swelling. The area can be wrapped with a Calendula bandage. Always keep a balsam of colloidal silicic acid in the house; it's amazing for treating insect bites.

But instead of treating a bite, it would result more effective to chase away the insects before something unpleasant happens. In Europe, villagers burn dry leaves of sage, as the smell of this smoke repels the insects.

You may not know, but besides the taste for blood, mosquitoes have another point in common with Dracula: they hate garlic. Eating a lot of garlic will keep mosquitoes away. Plant on the windowsill species like peppermint, garlic, or ginger. Insects won't dare enter your home.

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