How to Confirm Your Complementary iCloud Storage - 10GB / 20GB / 50GB

Apple releases knowledge-base article to detail iCloud storage extension

As a token of appreciation to MobileMe members who switched to iCloud last year, Apple has extended the complimentary storage upgrade until September 30, 2013 - another full year.

In a Support document posted online, Apple explains that this extension applies to customers whose accounts moved to iCloud between October 12th, 2011 and August 1st, 2012.

“If you are a former MobileMe member and had access to more than 5GB of MobileMe storage when you moved your account to iCloud, then you received a complimentary iCloud storage upgrade automatically,” Apple says. “That upgrade has now been extended, free of charge.”

Users looking to find out how much of this extension applies to them are offered instructions to do the checking on their Mac, iOS device, or Windows PC.

On an iOS device: Go to Settings > iCloud > Account.

On a Mac: Go to System Preferences > iCloud, then click Manage followed by View Account.

On a PC: Open the iCloud Control Panel for Windows, then click Manage followed by View Account.

Apple notes that “based on the amount of MobileMe storage you were paying for when you moved to iCloud. You were granted either the 10GB, 20GB, or 50GB storage upgrade.”

The Cupertino giant plans to continue to provide users with this additional storage until September 30, 2013, but also until they choose to upgrade their iCloud storage plan.

Customers looking to buy even more storage can purchase one of Apple’s standard storage upgrade plans at the regular price.

Those who have already upgraded their storage plan before September 30, 2012 will see their upgrade automatically extended at no additional charge until September 30, 2013.

As a final note, Apple informs customers that they cannot transfer their complementary storage to other users, outlining that “You can use it only with the iCloud account that you originally moved from MobileMe.”

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