How to Avoid a Broken Heart This Valentine's Day, the PETA Way

The answer is quite simple: eat your fruits and vegetables

To celebrate this year's Valentine's Day, PETA intends to set up digital billboards displaying the image above in two different locations in Montgomery, Alabama.

In case anyone was wondering, it seems that the organization chose this state as the perfect target for their latest anti-meat eating campaign due to the fact that, according to several reports, Alabama has one of the highest rates of heart disease nationwide.

As explained on PETA's official website, having your heart figuratively broken is something almost everybody can overcome with a wee bit of TLC.

However, meat, dairy and eggs can literally tear one's heart apart, which is why it is best to stay clear of them.

Not to mention the fact that, from PETA’s viewpoint, vegetarians have a much more fulfilling love life, simply because their bodies are less prone to various dysfunctions.

“So whether your heart needs Cupid or a cardiologist, there's one prescription: Go vegan!” the organization urges.

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