How “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” Should Have Ended – Video

New video offers different, more logical ending for the vampire film franchise

In 2012, “Twilight” ended, with “Breaking Dawn Part 2” hitting screens all across the world in November. As fans mourned, the other half of the globe’s population breathed a sigh of relief. The video above is for those in the latter category.

Twi-hards aren’t exactly known for their sense of humor when it comes to their favorite novels / film franchise, so they will probably not appreciate what the guys at HISHE have done with the final installment, in the video that does away with the importance of choosing a side, Team Edward or Team Jacob.

This is how “Breaking Dawn Part 2” should have ended: it’s not only the most enjoyable (for the viewer) option, but also the logical one.

Then again, this entire vampire universe did not function by the simple principles of logic, did it now?


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