How to Remove Google's Malware Notification

Your site might lose an important amount of visitors

Google is a company that is continuously looking to improve the security of its search technology because it provides instant access to a huge amount of information. That's why Google introduced some time ago two malware notifications able to announce the users that a certain site might contain malicious files. The two alerts are displayed on the SERP, sustaining the site can harm your computer because it is flagged as malicious. Google flags the pages as malware using a partnership with StopBadware, a security company that stores a huge list of dangerous pages from every corner of the world.

Although the notifications are quite useful, it seems like Google might flag as malware even the clean pages that are currently providing information without any form of infection. A blog message posted on Google's Webmaster Central caught my attention: "My site was hacked in mid December by this iframe insert redirect. I contacted and the site was re-instated nearly a month later. The result? My site's rankings in Google are basically non-existant to this day. I had pages showing up as #1 for many keywords and now they are not even listed," a user sustains. "Google, you're normally an excellent company, but you've totally dropped the ball on this one," another member concluded.

As I said, Google might flag as malware numerous sites that are currently clean but, after multiple hack attacks, may contain a sort of infection that makes the search engine display the notification. Is there anything to do about it? Not really but, if your page is flagged as malicious and your site is 100 percent clean, you must contact StopBadware and after a detailed analysis, you might get back into Google's index. If you didn't know, a reinclusion request is usually completed after two weeks since it was sent.

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