How To Jam All the Mobile Phones Around You

With CJAM 1000 from CellAntenna

Have you decided to go to the theater, to the movies or opted for a night at the opera, and you are really annoyed by all those mobile phones ringing around you? Wouldn't you like to stop them, since their owners haven't had the decency of doing this themselves? Well, now there's a solution, called CJAM 1000 and manufactured by CellAntenna, which can jam all the communications towards and from any device that uses a microwave frequency (including here mobile phones, pagers, PCs and Wi-Fi systems).

CJAM 1000 has a power output per frequency band of up to 15 watts and can jam all the communications on a 1 Km radius around the device, whether we're talking about analogical cellular systems (AMPS, TACS, NMT) or digital ones ( GSM, DCS, CDMA, PDC, TDMA, PHS, PCS, iDEN).

The device is portable and comes equipped to allow for the remote placement of antennas, enabling full area control and placing the jamming only in those areas required. The CJAM 1000 'beams' the jamming signal into the area of control while allowing for the use of communication in those areas which are not of concern, and in order to allow for a highly effective use of the device's features, the jamming level can also be adjusted.

The range of uses for this device is mainly military, the manufacturers recommending CJAM 1000 for such situations as cellular triggered bomb defeat, communication control of hostage negotiations, communication silencing during advancement on strategic positions or VIP protection and others of the same type. And exactly because this possible uses imply a certain level of security, CJAM 1000 is also fitted with a fingerprint identification system for operation, remote control and a GPS beacon.

However, if you were already thinking of buying one, you'll have to wait a while, until a possible commercial solution appears, because the CJAM 1000 is (theoretically) meant only for official government agencies, either from US or from other countries. And I'm saying "theoretically", because I'm quite curious just how long it will be before one of these devices appears in an eBay auction. Bets, anyone?

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