How to Install 3.0 on Ubuntu 8.10

Step by step tutorial with screenshots!

I guess everyone already knows that 3.0 will not be available (sad, I know) for the Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10), because the developers did not have enough time to test it, and they will introduce it later this year. Therefore, Ubuntu 8.10 ships with 2.4.1 and, if you want to use the new and improved version, then this guide is for you! However, we will not do a fresh install of the OpenOffice suite, as we will instead only upgrade the current version in Ubuntu Intrepid.

Editor's note: Check out our brand new How to Install 3.1 on Ubuntu 9.04 tutorial.

What do I need to get started? Ubuntu 8.10 (32-bit or 64-bit), which can be downloaded from here.

OK, so... first thing, you must add the 3.0 repositories, then upgrade the installed packages. Follow the steps below!

STEP 1 - Add the 3 repositories

Go to System -> Administration -> Software Sources...

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Go to the second tab, "Third-Party Software," click on the "Add" button, and paste the line below...

deb intrepid main

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Right click HERE and "Save Link As..." the key file on your desktop. Go to the fourth tab, "Authentication", click the "Import Key File" button, navigate to the location were you've just saved the key file (File System/home/YOURUSERNAME/Desktop) and double click it. You will immediately see a new entry called "247D1CFF 2009-01-21 Launchpad PPA for Scribblers".
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Now, click the “Close” button, then the “Reload” one and wait for the application to close!
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STEP 2 - Update OpenOffice to version 3.0.0

When the Software Sources window will close itself, the update icon will appear in the system tray...

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Click on it and update your system! That's all, folks! Your open source office suite will be up-to-date from now on. Take a look below for some shots of 3.0 in Ubuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex).
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Credits: Special thanks to the " Scribblers" team for creating the PPA for Intrepid.

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