How to Drive the $3.8 Million Rolls Royce

It's the most expensive bulletproof limousine

In a world where the threat of terrorism is almost everywhere, the richest and most powerful people need to feel safe when traveling in a car. Civilian armored cars are either factory produced, such as the BMW 7 Series High Security and the armored Audi A6 and A8 cars, or retrofitted versions of series cars.

Rolls-Royce is mostly famous for the elegant and expensive limousines, with an unique aspect and a prestige other car makers can't offer. The shape of the radiator grille and the "Spirit of Ecstasy" hood ornament have become instant trademarks of luxury and wealth, recognized around the world.

The most impressive limousine ever made by Rolls-Royce is a special edition presented at Guangzhou's first luxury goods exhibition in China, in December 2006. It's actually a stretched version of the Phantom and it is designed to be bulletproof with a stretched out backseat space for rear passengers in addition to Rolls-Royce's lavish comfort and driving experience.

Having an extremely large passenger compartment in the rear, this car is a tank on the outside and a fully equipped mobile office on the inside. It will not only provide all the communication and entertainment equipments, but it will also offer a comfortable space for discreet meetings.

The granddaddy of all limos has a price tag to match its uniqueness: $3.8 million! So far, it's the most expensive luxury car ever.

Why is it that expensive? Well for one this Rolls Royce Phantom is 250mm longer than the standard version. Other than that, the car sports some jewelry and is completely bullet proof. The technical specifications are the same, as this exclusive limited edition will have the same 6.8 Liter V12 engine presently equipping the Rolls-Royce Phantom, that pushes 432 horsepower.

The price may be high, but it is a Rolls-Royce, after all, and if you're rich enough to pay $1 million for the most expensive cellphone in the world, why not also treat yourself with the most expensive armored limousine ever?

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